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Custom Color Combination Poms

Cheerleaders are not only prized for their gymnastic abilities, flexibility and showmanship on the field but also for their winsome personalities and natural charm in inspiring their teams to do well at games and getting the crowd to cheer for them. All-star athletes like them deserve the best props like our Custom Color Combination Pom Poms. Available in rooter or cheerstar handles, these awesome poms could be customized according to your choice of colors. As you order, just select the colors that would match your team uniform or any special outfit that you have created for important team games or fundraising events. That easy, so order now!

Two-color Rooter Handle Pom

Retail Price: $1.74
As low as: $0.99

Two-color Cheerstar Handle Pom

Retail Price: $3.59
As low as: $2.19